Encouraging people to stay on benefits ..5% rise ..really!!

Why is the government going to increase benefits by at least 5%?.
This government initially stated that they would "encourage people to work by rewarding workers and cutting down on benefits", According to the Autumn statement people on benefits will be getting a bigger payrise than people who work (often more than one job to just pay bills and survive)
So far fuel has gone up, food prices have gone up, gas/electricity has gone up, private and social housing rents have gone up etc etc etc, and wages are stagnant. who is getting rewarded ,,,, not people in work!
Give the people who are working something back after all we pay to keep people on benefits and the government seems to be encouraging people to stay on benefits by raising what they receive.

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Christine Lee

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Tuesday 29 November 2011

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Friday 30 November 2012

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