Enquiry into premier league officials conduct.

Following recent revelations by retired premier league referees, we want for the government to force transparency in referee decision making processes for example, rugby referees have to explain each decision on the field and we want referees to be required to discuss the decisions publicly after a match.

With quotes such as the following having been made by former referees, it is time for a deeper review into what goes on behind closed doors.

"I clearly remember visiting Old Trafford for the first time and was well aware that my life would be made a misery by the home manager if things didn’t go well for his team."

"Whether it was not awarding United a penalty, failing to send off an opponent or not allowing enough added time you would get a blast of that infamous ‘hairdryer’ – and yes he really did come into my dressing room and bemoan the lack of added time after a draw with Everton."

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Stuart Higgins

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Saturday 5 October 2013

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