Eradicate Strict Liability Offences from UK Law

Strict liabilty offences result in the perpetrator being guilty of the offence even if they have no intention of commiting it, and have not been reckless in causing the offence to be committed.

If for example a shopkeeper sells lighter fluid to a 17 year old man or woman that appears to be over 35 years old and a reasonable person would believe that he/she is over 35 years old the shopkeeper would still be guilty of an offence.

Or in the case of car insurance if a driver uses their vehcile with no insurance they commit an offence even if they reasonably believe that they are covered.

In short I would like the government to make it impossible for you to commit a criminal offence without intending to commit one or without be reckless in causing one to occur. Eradicate strict liabilty.

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Greg Oakland

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Tuesday 17 April 2012

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Wednesday 17 April 2013

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