Evict illegal immigrants from council and social housing

Hundreds of thousands of council and social housing occupants are being persecuted and being forced into poverty and eviction by stealth over the bedroom tax. Millions are affected. Families are being split up. People are killing themselves. They are being forced to pay hundreds of pounds in council tax, go without food, electricity clothing, etc. Bailiffs are taking what little they have in the world to pay off debts the people cant afford. They face choices of a roof and no food or no food and a roof over their heads. Millions of illegal immigrants are taking up properrties and preventing others from being able to move or find alternative accomodation. Hitler persecuted the Jews.
Tories and liberals etc are persecuting the poor and low waged, disabled, sick, dying etc. MP's and officials dont give a damn. The hated tories are being supported by the liberals and others and milking public money for expenses etc. Illegal immigrants should be evicted to make way for legal residents.

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Created By

Arthur Reid

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Saturday 1 June 2013

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Saturday 14 June 2014

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