Exempt drivers from liability who accidentally and unintentially strike a dangerously or inconsiderately parked vehicle

We the undersigned believe that drivers who find their right of way blocked by cars which have been parked inconsiderately or in a place which can be considered dangerous and/or obstructive by any reasonable person, who, in their attempt to squeeze past such a vehicle, completely accidentally and unpremeditatedly scratch against that vehicle, should be exempt from blame for the incident when it comes to car insurance. Anyone deliberately striking a vehicle shall not have a defence here and should be punished, but any bona fide driver finding themselves blocked by a car parked in an obviously stupid place should not become liable for damage if trying to squeeze past in order to avoid a massive detour or simply being blocked for hours on end, due to another driver's thoughtlessness. In other words, if a driver parks in a dangerous place, any accidental damage to his/her vehicle is his/her own responsibility.

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Thomas Reeves

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Friday 9 September 2011

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Wednesday 12 September 2012

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