extremism/terrorism must be part of School curriculum

I am a Muslim and I strongly feel that Muslims and Islam are being misused. Islam is being abused with the unacceptable version of extremism and. Innocent Muslims are being tricked by showing the imaginary version of heaven that life is mortal and actual life starts after death, they are told if you do jahad, which is a holy job and you will be rewarded a very high place in the heaven for forever.As most of the Muslims don't know what exactly written in Quran, so they trust on these people wholeheartedly. which is definitely not given in Quran.
I want to tell every single child to know that the way to paradise is NOT what a terrorist is telling you.
I think if we add this to our curriculum in the school that Terrorists are not Muslim, extremism can't be inline with any religion. its a group of mad people,who likes to see bloodshed/dead bodies/blood tears.
this is need of the time to save our generation from Turing to a extremist/terrorists just by educating them.

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Nabeela Ali

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Thursday 29 January 2015

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Monday 30 March 2015

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