We have had inflation-busting fare rises every year since 2004. How can this increase be justified in an environment where families are already struggling to cope with expensive utility bills, unreasonable mortgages and living costs? Transport is a service we can't live without; transport companies hold control of a service that is a primary need, the ability to go and earn our living.
The government needs to review the implementation of the following:
- Making private transport companies fund their own expansion projects, not the taxpayer.
- Reviewing companies' profits at the end of the financial year and make sure that profits are being reinvested and shareholders are not ripping off commuters.
- Offering commuters more flexible fares, such as a 5 day working week fare.
- An unregulated market should be subject to competition. If, due to the nature of the service, it is impossible to create a competitive offer, then the pricing should be regulated by the government.

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