Family Legal Aid

Please sign this petition to bring back legal aid for family issues. Why should criminals get free legal aid when they have broken the law,
Bring back legal aid for family court!

For family court the rules now state that legal aid is only given in cases of domestic abuse within the last two years, that has been reported to the police, and had a conviction, and that the GP has seen the injuries of.

Many victims of domestic abuse would never admit it had happened, let alone go through with the legal prosecution, and see the GP. They would be too scared of what the abuser would do, or just too ashamed to admit it had happened to them.

There are cases in the news all the time of mothers who kill themselves and their children because they don't want the estranged father to get custody, or the estranged father abducts the children, and this will only INCREASE if legal aid is refused! PLEASE KEEP LEGAL AID FOR FAMILY COURT!

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Phill Wareham

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Sunday 8 December 2013

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