As once again our leaders are talking tough on rioting & looting, but our judicial system is not taking a blind bit of notice . It is time for the Government to pass legislation on manditory fixed minimum fines for looters & people causing damage to property in order to loot. It is propossed that a fine of £1,000 plus double the cost of the items looted or the damage to property, be the minimum fine. No exceptions at all . All school children to be accompanied by their parents, or similar, in court who will be responsable for the fine & future behavour. Plans for the payment of fines (bank standing orders, benifit extraction & the like) to be agreed before the looters are release into the community, as too many times fines are outstanding, even though the debtors are known. The cost of this financial administration to be met by an additional 5% levy on the fine or 1% for prompt payment.

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peter gibson

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Sunday 14 August 2011

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Thursday 16 August 2012

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