Flexiweek - A Fairer School Holiday System

If our government is serious about helping those of us who are squeezed with the general cost of living, then the issue of profiteering within the travel industry during school holidays needs to be addressed. The matter is out of hand and discriminatory, yet ignored. The government now must make a compromise with parents.

One week's worth of holiday should be taken from the existing Summer holidays and offered to parents to be taken as 'flexi-holiday' whenever they wanted, throughout the year, providing it didn't fall into critical educational windows like exam and test periods (GCSE year, for example); yet not rigorously dictated so that the travel industry could simply mark up prices during Flexiweek windows.

Holidays are crucial to happy families, treasured memories and work life balance. Young people need the cultural experiences travel brings and so do parents. But prices are out of control and the notion of a family holiday is now impossible for many of us.

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Ross Lewis

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Tuesday 2 September 2014

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