Full-time Students Aged 16-18 Shouldn't Pay Adult Fares On Public Transport

Officially, you're not classed as an 'adult' in the UK until the age of 18, so why is this any different for public transport?
16 year old's, who are still in full time education, are forced to pay adult fares, double the price of a child fare, even though they're not even legally an adult.
Public transport fares should be re-evaluated if a large majority of the population are being exploited unnecessarily because of it.
16-18 year old's in full-time education should be entitled to paying a child fare, or at the very least, a new, discounted, student fare, as at this current moment in time, they are being discriminated against unjustly.

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Becky Dodd

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Sunday 13 October 2013

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Tuesday 14 October 2014

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