Give disaffected youths a reality check with military service.

The last few weeks we have seen elements of the disaffected youth showing their lack of respect for the country and its citizens by rioting. Now we will pay for several hundred prison and punishment terms which will probably only serve to heighten the ill feeling. At a time when our military bases are closing and our soldiers & police threatened with job losses, would it not make sense to introduce to courts, a new penalty of fixed duration military service. With the right approach the 'disaffected youth' rioters could learn to respect the communities in which they live and maybe even themselves, whilst at the same time learning what it means to be part of something more than just the individual. With our brave soldiers dying in Afghanistan, maybe it's time we showed those who riot, the values of discipline, respect and loyalty shown by those who give the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

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Jonathan Elven

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Tuesday 16 August 2011

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Thursday 16 August 2012

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