Government create new legislation for FREE BRITISH CITIZENIP, for Gurkhas, Commonwealth service personnel.

We are asking the Government to create new legislation for FREE BRITISH CITIZENSHIP, in return for minimum of 10 years military service to the British Crown, Parliament & People. For Gurkhas/Commonwealth service personnel who served/servicing in the British Forces, with their families only pay 10% of British ILR/Citizenship fees too. If Gurkha/Commonwealth service person serve 20 years plus in Armed Forces, then family members get Free British Citizenship too.
Also Gurkhas/Commonwealth service personnel are required to pay £1.00 per week from their pay to towards the cost of British Citizenship for themselves/family, if they get married or have children this weekly Immigration Deduction Fee goes up by £1.00 per family member too. When they come to claim their British Citizenship before leaving the British Forces, if they are entitled to Free British Citizenship, this immigration deduction money is actually repaid to the Gurkha/Commonwealth service person as a lump sum.

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Gurkha Mum / ExCllr Wendy M.Harbon & God Father / ExRA David MC.Hughes [veteran & disabled].

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Wednesday 27 March 2013

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