Government listen so "turkey unease"

Government listen to us - so we don't have Turkish plight ?

is it mass respect,
is it crystal and not at all mercy,
would the UK like this or object,
playing "copy" that "turkey".
a clear demonstration,
with the world viewing,
will peace have restoration,
Turkish government might have "park plan" reviewing.
police have now moved into "Taksim square",
after 2 weeks,
with "rubber bullets" and "tear gas" share,
the world seeing and hearing the shrieks.
the response was force,
no cup of "Turkish Tea" and scones,
the activist had no remorse,
hurling fireworks, fire bombs and stones.
it then got deeper and spectacular,
mr Erdogans accused,
the state must not impose values that are "secular",
the "protesters" were far from amused.
mr Erdogan's who is prime-mister,
said a meeting is wiser,
i am sure demonstrators will be sinister,
but its a "deal" with the main organizer.
banners taken down,
but the government wants the "protests" to continue,

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Tuesday 11 June 2013

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