'Greatest Day' cannot be England's World Cup Song

'Greatest Day' should not be England's world cup song. This is for many reasons. First of all it is incredibly dull to sing. Second, it does not have the word England in it at all or anything closely related to our football culture. Thirdly it is written and performed by the wretched Gary Barlow, not only one of the most boring people to exist on this planet but also a tax dodger and general tit. Anyone who uses schemes to avoid paying tax and then appears on every television show appearing to be a generous charity giver is the worst type of person. The rest of the band hate paying tax too, and they would all gain money from this track being bought to 'celebrate England'. Its a joke. For all of these reasons we need to make sure Greatest Day is not England's World Cup song.

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Ruben Richardson

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Friday 21 March 2014

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