Guns and knives are to injure or kill, fixed 15 year sentence for possession!

Gun & Knife crime is drastically rising. All that are from an area where this is relevant know full well it is because the youth today have no fear or comprehension of consequences. This needs to change! Knowing you will serve 15 years with no half serving, no good behaviour is the place to start.

With the restrictions put on parenting, the amount of power children & teenagers are allowed to have on how they are educated, raised and dealt with, have all led to a carefree, lack of respect attitude with no understanding of cause & effect. Introducing a fixed/minimum sentencing of 15 years for possession of a gun/knife/weapon to injure or kill would really make a difference.

I know full well that me and anyone I grew up with who carried would never have done so had this been the case.

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Thomas Bass

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Thursday 21 April 2016

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Thursday 20 October 2016

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