Help Christopher Tappin

Christopher Tappin will be arriving in the US tonight at 10pm GMT. He has been extradited from this country without any evidence brought against him. Our government has simply allowed this to happen.

How can suspected terrorists be allowed to walk the streets of Britain and yet we allow a 65 year old British born citizen to be extradited like this.

Mr Tappin faces up to 35 years in a US prison.

1. Get Mr Tappin back to the UK.
2. Give him a fair and just trial in the UK.
3. Completely reform the ridiculous extradition deals we have with the United States.

Even if Mr Tappin is guilty there is NO reason he cannot be tried in this country under a fair and just judicial system that the people of this county have given there lives to uphold in the past.

This is another very sad day for Britain.

Please spread the word and sign this for Mr Tappin, and for the future of the people of our country.

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Richard Seabrook

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Friday 24 February 2012

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