Help small businesses grow - allow childcare as a business expense

Existing childcare allowances for parents in business are insufficient, complicated and hard to claim as they fall within the tax credits domain rather than a simple tax-deductible business expense.

If I go to trade show, I can claim travel, food and accommodation as a business cost. However, someone to look after my child is not allowable despite it being essential for me to attend as my husband also works and can’t (and shouldn’t have to) take time off.

Allowing registered childcare as a tax deductible expense would be a simpler way to do it than trying to work within the inflexible parameters of the working credits scheme. The fact that you can only claim credits for up to 3 months retrospectively and you have to predict what you need in advance is also not helpful.

Please help small businesses grow and allow childcare - when used for the sake of the business - to be a tax deductible expense - like any other expense that helps a business move forward.

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Cara Sayer

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Friday 30 September 2011

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Saturday 13 October 2012

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