HMG guidelines should require planning permission for new churches, temples, mosques, etc be carefully scrutinised for future value to the community

Allocate less priority facilitating on observance of religious customs & practices in public but more on practicality, feasibility, public order. Britain is a secular society with followers of many faiths or no faith. One should practice one’s beliefs & religion peacefully, as a private affair, without affecting the lives, convenience or well-being of others. Not everyone (or even every religion) believes in heaven & the afterlife. After all this is the 21st century, when most phenomena can be scientifically explained, proved & verified, without having to invoke explanations that involve the spiritual world. Invoking the name of God on complex issues can hinder the seeking of explanations & solutions for oneself from a scientific & logical standpoint to pressing issues. However, even a person who has no religious faith would often like to be buried with their brethren of the faith of their birth. Also a person can claim affinity to a religion even if not a practising one.

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Wednesday 18 January 2012

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