Hold the Student Loans Company to account.

The Student Loans Company, the body responsible for the administration of student loans and grants is failing students, their parents and sponsors, and the taxpayer.

Since SLC took over responsibility for student loans, not a year goes by without a mention in the press of the inefficiency, failings and general ineptitude of the Company.

The Business of Innovation and Skills appoints Independent Assessors, who every year highlight the failings of the company. They note complaints are increasing year on year in volume and seriousness. They make recommendations on change which appear not to be implemented, or are otherwise ineffective at dealing with the problems.

The current system is not properly holding the SLC to account.

We call upon the Government to re-examine the way the Student Loans Company operates with a view to driving change for the good of your young people, and future prosperity of the country as a whole.

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Shaun Lewis

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Monday 22 September 2014

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