Immediately Review the Pubs Code

After 12 years of campaigning, the Pubs Code came in to practice July 2016. It was meant regulate the pubs industry and curb some of the unfair practices carried out by pub owning businesses that negatively affect pub tenants and the wider pub industry. It is not working and urgently needs reviewed.

The Government set a review date of July 2019 to assess the efficacy of The Pubs Code. The failure of the Code has been so catastrophic it is imperative that the Government step in early and strengthen the grey areas of the Code. The simple argument is that an adjudicator has no legal powers, so the cash-rich pub owning companies are simply taking all the significant rulings made by the Pubs Code Adjudicator to the High Court and having them overturned.

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Lynsey Thornthwaite

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Thursday 17 May 2018

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Friday 16 November 2018