immigration problems

IMMIGRATION! this is not a witch hunt, all faiths have the right to live peaceful, law abiding, non violent lives. This is about stopping the seemingly never ending problem of illegal immigrants and radicalists that demand the right to live in our country but do not wish to abide by our laws.
The people that defy our laws (commiting crime) who are not born here and those who insight hatred need to be deported immediately to their birth country, those who were born or live here legally and become radicalised, need to be imprisoned until their death. Those who employ illegals do not need a £10,000 fine per person they employ but, need to have their business shut down immediately.
When illegals are caught working in this country, instead of being let go and told 'to come back and sign on weekly' they need to be kept under lock and key until they are deported! N cameron, leave yr holiday until yr country is in order!

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Anna Baxter

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Tuesday 28 May 2013

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