Implement a system of national service

In light of the recent civil unrest, every young person should have opportunity to succeed through structured guidance and experience. Minimum of 1 year compulsory national service (NS) should provide the standard expected for every participant.

NS should include the following considerations:

1. The Government provide financial support to HM forces, which could include police and fire brigade, to manage NS.
2. Training given in human rights, equality, law and order, moral standards, citizenship, and service to our country. (NVQ award perhaps)
3. Each person should be supported in completing further education to improve on career prospects. (Example: day release to local college).
4. All participants paid a salary.
5. Part of NS should be community based, but not in their own community. (Widen a person's experience / understanding).
6. Achievements attained during NS should be favoured by employers.
7. The Government should not exclude NS simply because of finance.

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Simon Bedwell

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Friday 12 August 2011

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