Introduce a law for raised minimum temperature for employees or send home.

Worked as Receptionist & had poor work temperatures & inadequate heating for building. I feel it's important a law is put in place to outline a realistic,acceptable minimum & maximum work environment temperature for all employees or send employees home if needs are not met. As 16C is too cold.

According to The workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) regulations 1992.

There is "no law outlining the minimum or maximum work environment temperature. According to Health & Safety executive a "reasonable" work environment should be provided by employers. According to the approved code of practice, a workplace should be atleast 16C and 13C for an environment that requires rigorous physical effort." I feel this is too cold for most in a work environment. This should be assessed and changed.

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Nada Latif

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Tuesday 13 March 2018

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Wednesday 12 September 2018

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