Introduce A National Community Service for 16-25 year olds

I propose that this Government begins a National Community Service for all 16-25 year olds.
The service would be run on a military type basis with STRICT rules to be followed with dire consequences for failing to follow those rules.
The service would have two streams one a military based which would start with strict training teaching respect for community, property, self and others. After the initial training the service trainee would be able to decide which path to follow:
Military serve minimum of two years in the military service of the UK with options to remain in the military at the end of the two years
Community after the initial training as possible aiders on hospital wards serving drinks and meals to patients. Helping to feed those not able to feed themselves This to run for 2 years with an option in nursing training and a career in medical.

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Mrs Karen Rouse-Deane

Created On

Wednesday 17 August 2011

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