Investigate Southeastern’s handling of the Lewisham situation on 2/3/2018

On 2/3/2018 hundreds of passengers boarded the 16:35 from London Bridge to Dartford. The train in front broke down due to age (as admitted by the driver). Passengers forced to wait for 4 hours in freezing conditions and no toilet/food/heat/information. Why was this handled so badly?

We want a full investigation into what happened and someone to be held accountable for this mess so that it is not allowed to happen again. Please immediately initiate a government inquest and find out what Southeastern started doing the moment they learned what had happened, why it took so long to initiate a rescue plan and why they were nowhere to be seen for the entire duration of the event. The concern is that this could have been so much worse and that they were just lucky this time.

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Robin Clarke

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Thursday 8 March 2018

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Friday 7 September 2018