Job Seekers Allowance- Rethought.

Why should hard working people pay tax to pay for people who are unemployed?
A high percentage of these unemployed people smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs, have contract phones or have items on finance.
Benefits are not designed for these things, and there should be a system where people claiming job seekers allowance benefit are cross checked for the above things, and if they have a habit to feed they shouldn't be allowed to claim. The money they get should be feeding themselves and their dependents. I understand that some people end up on the dole through no fault of their own, however the people who have never worked, or can't be bothered to work, or who think they are better off on the dole because they get everything paid for them, should get their money stopped. Job Seekers should only be a temporary option, as there is millions of jobs available.

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Gemma Porter

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Tuesday 12 February 2013

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Thursday 13 February 2014

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