job seekers allowance tax years?

I have paid tax and NI stamp the last few years 2010/2011/2012, (2011/12 were 2 jobs together working 7 days a week, full time & part time) now I find myself made redundant late 2012) I am not entitled to JSA allowance as 2009/2010 tax year was not full stamp due to being out of the country for one year to work abroad.(previous 30 years full tax and NI stamp here) you can pay long term unemployed/immigrants/addicts housing benefit / income support and job seekers allowance if they have paid little or no contributions to the tax or insurance system in the UK at all? You need to re-evaluate this and pay to those that have no work by unfortunate circumstances but will be very pro-actively wanting to get back out there, lets hope you never have to go through being sacked off from your own jobs and then the door slammed in your face when you need a couple of months financial support by the very people you have been serving your whole life.

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Friday 28 December 2012

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