Justice for people affected by HMRC Tax Credits

Hundreds of people in the uk have overpayments caused by unnecessary errors.
why is it that when the tax credits pursue people that have been overpaid a huge amount, they have not come up with a system that indicates this far earlier than it does at the moment.
instead of waiting up to 12 months to hear from HMRC, people should know alot earler. saving people hundreds of pounds. This currently leads many families into hardship contributes towards there debt. We need another system that works, and is more transparent to the public, where our records can be viewed on a daily basis either online or another data base system. The current system is costly on a 0845 number, where there can be several people dealing with one case. proven by statistics that this causes mix ups with paperwork and decision making outcomes. we would like the HMRC reviewed for a better system.
We would like our goverment to review the HMRC tax credits system according to the above points.

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Andrew Richards

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Wednesday 26 October 2011

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Saturday 27 October 2012

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