Knives Ruin Lives. Justice For Dave.

The justice system need to hand out tougher, harsher sentences for knife crime! Dave Young, 28 was stabbed in the thigh (severing his femal artery) whilst walking home new years eve! he died 5 days later. Dave was such a devoted Daddy to his 2 girls,9 & 6 who now have to grow up knowing their Daddy was killed & no justice served! 1 was acquitted, whilst the other got a 7 year sentence (guilty of manslaughter) and will serve 3 & 1/2! Its an absolute outrage! more & more people are thinking its ok to use knives as weapons & receive pretty much a slap on the wrist for taking a life and destroying hundreds!! i think its wrong and something NEEDS & HAS to be done, before this becomes the 'new thing'!
Dave isn't the first and certainly wont be the last to be stabbed/killed, thats why we need to make a change NOW! 3 and a half years for killing someone? THATS NOT RIGHT AND THATS NOT JUSTICE!
please help me TRY and change this!

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Abby Bourner

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Wednesday 24 July 2013

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Friday 25 April 2014

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