Legalise the concealed possession of handguns for citizens in good legal standing

Gun crime within UK cities like Glasgow and London has not been eradicated with the introduction of gun control laws, but instead has significantly increased them, as shown by statistics from the Home Office themselves.

I propose the Government allows citizens with clean criminal records who are over the age of 25 to own a handgun for self defence within the home. Additional certification/tests must be performed to allow the individual to carry the handgun in a concealed manner in public.

This will prevent atrocious events such as the Woolwich attack of May 2013 and will allow law abiding citizens to defend themselves against criminals.

Furthermore, it will introduce economic benefits to the UK economy. Licensed gun trade will result in more widespread introduction of gun stores, bringing jobs to retail and manufacturing as demand is met.

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Conor Murphy

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Thursday 23 May 2013

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