Limit Forgein Aid

Why are we sending huge amounts of tax payers money overseas when our services to the sick and the frail are under attack from budget cuts.

India and Brazil are two for example, Brazil has over taken us as the sixth largest economy and we the tax payers give them aid. India funds a space programme. I realise the disaster in the Philippines but we have our own problems at home with more and more people each day relying on food banks, and other essential services are under threat each day.

The money saved should be used for the benefit of the people in this country.

Basically I want the government to decrease the amount of foreign as I can't understand how the found £50 million pounds to send to the Philippines when we are massively in debt should that money not be used to benefit THIS country.

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Brenda Wynn

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Tuesday 26 November 2013

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Tuesday 23 December 2014

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