Lower Car Insurance

It's time for intervention in how insurance companies give quotes and how they quote for new drivers and young drivers alike how do they expect a new driver to earn no claims bonus when the insurance for say an "S" reg car would be in the region of £5000 p/a thats nearly a 3rd of the typical North of england wage?

I propose stricter terms on how much they can actually charge to keep it fair instead of playing a post code lottery like everything else in this country seems too.

Make it fairer across the board in terms of non fault claims (its not always the new drivers fault, yet we are the ones to suffer).

Punish those who are uninsured, not with higher premiums, but with payback programs where they earn money that goes into a pot for covering accidents that they themsleves have caused.

Maybe even make it compulsary for a new driver to use the tracking and gps systems to help lower premiums further and promote careful driving.

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Kev Bentley

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Tuesday 17 July 2012

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Wednesday 17 July 2013

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