Lower/Change Car Insurance For 17 - 24 Year Olds.

I am seventeen years old and current learning to drive, recently I've tried to insure a car that is not worth more than £600 and it came to around £15,000 annually once I have passed. I myself cannot afford this neither can my parents. I'm sure I'm not the only young driver that has not come across this problem. I have set up this petition to see if something can be done, to lower the insurance to something more affordable, I can understand why young drivers do not bother to insure their cars. These are my suggestions;
• Once you have passed your test you have to send in your practical pass certificate and then insurers can make a decision then with your minors and faults on the insurance cost.
• Or use the existing idea of placing this trackers in our cars and start the insurance off at £2,000 and then go up every couple of months or year if you are accelerating harshly or braking harshly.

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Emily Boyd

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Saturday 30 March 2013

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