Make a fair, set amount of maintenance per child and not 25% of income!

Non resident parents (NRP's) are paying far too much to the resident parent of their child/children. This is causing severe depression and suicidal tendencies in NRP's. NRP's have to try and provide for their families at home whilst paying out a huge 25% plus of their income to their ex partners.

The government decide how much an adult requires to live on so people on jobseekers allowance receive the same amount from one person to the next. Why is it the more a working NRP earns the more they have to pay the other parent? Why does the child suddenly require more money because the NRP has got a better job or worked overtime. NRP's often work extra hours to try and compensate for CMS/CSA payments and then they are required to pay the other parent more because their income has increased?

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Alex Peat

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Thursday 8 February 2018

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Tuesday 7 August 2018

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