Make a law to prevent politicians lying to the public.

We all know politicians are conceived as liars, and make false promises to us, and if there's way a to create trust with us and them. If this law was created, it could be a new begining. This law would punish each one for making false promises to the public, it would give us our rights as the people

In this country, politicians are allowed to lie.There's no law to stop them from making false promises. In 2012, Nick Clegg promised students that university fees, will not be raised. However, later on, he was forced to apologised when he had lied to the people who trusted him with their futures, that he would have to raise them. If we can prevent people like this in our government, then this law would stop them being be above the law and make people have more faith in parliament.

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Tuesday 31 May 2016

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