Make AED Defibrillators available more publicly (at least every second street).

AED Defibrillators are a crucial part of basic first aid. Cardiac arrest involves a person being on the verge of dying. Cardiopulmonary Resusictation (CPR) is effective but AED defibrillators may double the chance of a person surviving. This could potentially save your or a loved one life.

According to the British Heart Foundation, 100,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest each year. Without treatment, 95% of the time a cardiac arrest results in death. Having a defibrillator in close proximity is vital, as 80% of cardiac arrests occur at home, with every minute of it being untreated the chance of survival falls by 9%. Having a defibrillator in every street or two, and making neighbors aware of it saves valuable time in treatment and thousands of lives!
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Muhammad Saifuddin

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Saturday 12 May 2018

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Sunday 11 November 2018

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