Make Insurance Companies practices and charges fairer for us.

Insurance companies, like the banks seem to govern themselves despite having an ombudsman. If it's such a risky business why is it the lastest section (BY FAR) of any telephone directory and fraudulant companies are on the increase?
The premiums are sky-rocketing especially for first timers. Differenciation between 3rd party and fully comp. seems non-existent. Spurious extra charges and penalties for the slightest change to policy even if "stored" on line. Insurance Premium Tax what is this? Arrangement/administration charges. Lack of competition for term of each policy, can't switch without penalties. Premuim versus value of car. Mulptiple charges and NCB on multicar policies, like legal expenses per vehicle when applied to single policy holder. Selling details after accidents and finally writing cars off, paying out true costs, binding policy holders to accredited repairers.

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William R Bacchus

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Tuesday 7 February 2012

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