Make Poker clubs separate to Casinos

For too long poker has been the domain of large casinos.
Poker is now mainstream, yet dictated by a law from the 18th century.
Small clubs are friendly, but cannot afford the large fees that casinos can.
By making poker legal this would secure jobs for thousands of specialised poker dealers, keep thousands of people in work and encourage competition in the market place.

BY putting a 5% Tax on poker, this could amount to millions per year revenue, plus saved money on benefits for those employed in the industry

Or have a separate license for poker games that is economically viable for independent poker clubs.

We are not against fair and regulated gaming for ALL
We are not against large glamorous casinos
All we want is to be able to have the choice to play poker in small LEGAL poker clubs

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Created By

Keith Raymond Scott

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Monday 18 March 2013

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Wednesday 19 March 2014

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