Make UK Housing Work for Residents, Not Property Speculators.

Housing is a necessity not a luxury, yet rents and house prices are inflated while wages stagnate or fall.
We call for action to achieve full occupancy of UK housing stock.
Rents are too high in proportion to incomes, and ownership near impossible. First-time-buyer schemes encourage debt and subsidise house prices.
LHA adds nothing to a claimant's standard of living, instead enriching landlords.
Rent caps will make "buy-to-let" a less desirable investment, lower house prices and free up homes for owner-occupiers.
We recommend the following measures:
1 Cap rents at 40% of a full-time minimum wage, plus half that again for every bedroom (i.e. 2013 0 bed £88.34 per week, 1 bed £132.31, 2 bed £176.68 etc).
2 Set LHA rates equal to the cap.
3 End discrimination against DSS tenants by landlords.
4 Help good landlords evict bad tenants and collect serious arrears.
5 Set property standards that landlords must follow by law.
6 Seize unoccupied properties and develop into housing.

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Thursday 25 July 2013

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Saturday 2 August 2014

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