Marijuana Legalization.

Government Action: Legalize Marijuana, plain and simple. Clearly regulate it, sell it by the gram. Add age restrictions and tax it.

We live in a day and age which is forever changing. People are trying new things day in and day out, one of those things being Marijuana. This plant has been illegal for a seriously long time now and honestly the time has come for the United Kingdom to wake up to the truth about Marijuana.

Alcohol, Tobacco, Paracetamol, Road Accidents and Flight Accidents have killed more people in the last 10 years than Marijuana has ever in history. Where is the logic in this? Nature... Illegal? Cut this rubbish, legalize it, tax it and watch the country flourish in new jobs, money and business. This is just a tiny portion of what legalization offers...

Think green, think Marijuana.

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Elliot Hancock

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Friday 29 November 2013

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