Means test non-resident parents in child support claims and make assessments on both parents needs and families

Both parents should be financially responsible for a child they create,however this should not ever mean one family being forced into poverty to give to another (through child support payments) who are living a luxurious, and beyond comfortable life. It should not mean taking child tax credits off one child to give to another, it should never mean placing the importance or needs of one child or family above another.

The fact is some parents are punishing ex partners financially and currently the government (specifically the Child Support Agency) are blindly being used as a tool in this process.

The government needs to change the Child Support Agency to means test resident parents, to assess the income and outgoing of BOTH the non resident parent AND resident parent, to take into account any other children non resident parent may be supporting, and court costs incurred in trying to gain access. Finally to treat both parties equally.

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Andrew Deane-Williams

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Friday 9 December 2011

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Wednesday 12 December 2012

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