Means test state pension and bring back pension tax credit

In 1997 Gordon Brown raided pensions and created uncertainty for anyone needing security in their old age if they were under the age of 40. Currently, 1m people who have only worked 30-40 years get a final salary pension of over 30k a year plus state pension. People now working just as hard will have to work 50-55 years and will get far less.

This is not fair so I propose means testing all pensions over £20k on a sliding scale to £30k where people under £20k get all their state pension on a sliding scale where people over £30k get nothing. This would save upward of £10bn a year. Pension tax credit 5bn cost.

Maybe we could then just upgrade out shoddy railways to be like Germany's!!!

Give the working youth some hope

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James stevens

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Monday 18 November 2013

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Tuesday 18 November 2014

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