Minimum of 8 years in prison for animal cruelty.

Anyone can see that a maximum of 6 months in prison for animal cruelty is way too short. Why should someone who kills a human (an animal) get 20 years in prison when killing an animal only gets you 6 months?
The Conservative Party prides itself on being the party that is "tough on crime" but from what I can see it is abhorrently weak. The RSPCA are also a joke. When provided with video evidence, they refuse to act on animal cruelty which can blatantly be seen.
An example of why the law needs to be changed is this:
I'm aware this wasn't in our country but there are videos out there based in the UK.
Why does the Government allow this sort of behaviour and find it acceptable to impose a minuscule of a sentence?
If the UK prides itself on democracy, freedom and justice, then surely the government will do the right thing and impose a tough, new law on anyone who is seen to be committing animal cruelty.

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Matthew Ferguson

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Monday 8 April 2013

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