My total income is more than £15,000. Please freeze my state pension(s) for two years, instead of freezing welfare benefits.

The Times for 10/11/12, page 33, says that a two year freeze on Welfare Benefits may be considered necessary. I believe that the vast majority of pensioners on my income would prefer to take the freeze instead.
HMRC should already have information about total income on every pensioner, but may have to update it for many (so there is an administrative cost to cover). Just as is being done with child benefit, the increase that poor pensioners need just as much as most benefit claimants, can be clawed back through the tax system, but only from those pensioners who can afford to bear the freeze. No penalties should be levied on anyone who refuses to complete and return a form P161(SPF), so that those who would not sign the petition are not coerced.
There will have to be political and practical judgments about where to place the cut-off. For example, an appropriate multiple of the JRF living wage could be used.

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Harold Baxter

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Sunday 11 November 2012

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Tuesday 12 November 2013

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