Nationalise the UK's energy suppliers

EDF make a £1.7billion profit, SSE’s boss’s annual salary is £1.84million and British Gas’s CEO has seen his pay go up 36% in the past five years.
Energy (Gas & Electricity) are basic human rights in the 21st century. With rising costs in bills year on year it's getting to a point where something needs to be done about this monopoly market. UK consumers could save £3.7billion a year, If the energy suppliers were nationalised.
If the government feel that nationalising the big six and others is too big of a task, I ask them to create a state owned supplier (Our Energy has a ring to it) which significantly undercuts the Big Six cartel and invites every customer to switch to it, until it eventually attracts the majority of energy users and has the power to set prices as low as realistically possible. Leaving the foreign-owned pirates to conclude that they can’t make their killer profits any longer, and head for other shores.

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Jack Whitney

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Thursday 9 January 2014

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