news channels giving free advertising - wrong ? ban it ?

contact details is fueling free advertising - ban it ? 10.06.13

please with this have a look,
i have a point and i am not just being bitter,
my aim is to now "shame" "facebook",
and to humiliate "twitter".
i want to watch the news,
this should be free from the advertise,
seeing these contact details gives me the blues,
that's why i have to criticize.
everyone may ignore my moan,
and accept this modern communication,
but how often is said the number for the telephone,
because i am sure this would give frustration.
if you are this silly,
and use these methods to self promote or gain,
then expect a "infected" willy,
as well as the boredom and tedious pain.
take responsibility news channel,
your contact details should be your only priority,
so ban all this "facebook" and "twitter" flannel,
because i am so fed up of them being the only authority.

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Monday 10 June 2013