NHS sourcing out health services

Effective management by experienced professionals employed in-house by the government in any field (say Healthcare, IT, construction, banking, engineering, aeronautics, space engineering, forestry, etc) may be more effective, value for money and cheaper for taxpayers than sourcing out experise to private companies. Take an analogy of a private company being given an open cheque by a customer to run a forest, develop an IT system or repair a car. If not properly & expertly supervised by the customer, this may result in creative accounting by the private company for performance of expensive unnecessary work. Even frontline healthcare professionals who themselves (not only managers) interview & appoint new healthcare professionals & services may also develop services that duplicate and over-manned healthcare services. Not only do the politicians, Judges, executives, police, media need checks and balances, so do dentists, NHS professionals (like nurses) and GP budget holders.

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Peter Chuah

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Thursday 4 August 2011

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