Not helping somebody in danger

Watching Panorama 8:30pm on Monday 4th November, there was a discussion about making it illegal to not report abuse of a child.

In France a law that makes it a (nonindictable) offence to fail to assist a person in danger:

Above is a link to Article 223-6 of French penal code which states:

Anyone who can prevent by immediate action, without risk to himself or others, or a crime, a crime against the physical integrity of the person willfully fails to do so is punishable by five years imprisonment and 75 000 euros fine.

Shall be liable to the same penalties anyone who willfully fails to bring to a person in danger assistance without risk to himself or others, he could lend him or by his personal action or causing a backup.

Is there ANY valid reason for this to be absent from thelaw of ANY civilised country?

This e-petition has been rejected with the following reason given:

It did not have a clear statement explaining what action you want the government to take.

The following explanatory notes have been added:

Are you asking whether it is possible or are you asking HMG to create a new offence?

You can't sign this petition because it wasn't accepted for publication. But you can still give your opinion on it here at!

Do you support or oppose this petition?

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Malcolm Geffen

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Monday 4 November 2013

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