Outlaw any orginisation that admits or refers to itself by colour.

When I was at school there was a black reading club, Asian language class and special groups for other ethnic groups. As a white British male I was not permitted to join any of those groups. I then started a white reading group and was branded a racist.

Move on 15 years and orginisations such as the "association of black lawyers" & "association of black police officers" are still very prominent in society.

How are these allowed to be in existance when if I was to start a "white only" group I would be branded a racist and be forced to close down any website etc?

It is orginisations like this that help breed animosity between different ethnic groups leading to resentment.

You can not have one rule for one and one for the other.

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Callum Rollo

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Thursday 8 November 2012

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Tuesday 3 December 2013

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